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Introducing Visual Material Planning

Visual Material Planning (VMP) is a Material Resource Planning (MRP) tool designed for small projects and companies.
VMP captures Bill of Materials (BOM) along with costing, labor, inventory, and sources of supplies in a visual way.
A complete solution for projects and products from concept through production... from order to delivery.

More about MRP

Why Visual Material Planning Software?

Timeline Management

Manage your products directly through a 'Gannt' style timeline that captures purchase, work, and customer orders. The chart is generated automatically and gives an instant understanding of timing and dependency for your build.

Integrate Data

Download key part information such as descriptions, part numbers, costs, and availability directly into the part record from online vendor databases. Attach Documents, Pictures, and Drawings to Parts, Assemblies, and Orders.

Flexible SQL Database

The program is powered by severless database making setup and hosting of VMP hastle free. If your medium supports a file it can host VMP. That means it will work on USB memory stick as effectively as a cloud file storage.

Cost Effective

VMP is designed to be easy to use without formal training or dedicated personnel. There are no monthly fees, annual subscription or 'support' fees. While upgrades after 1 year are extra, your current version will run forever.

What is MRP?

Manufacturing Resource Planning is a tool used to estimate and plan the production of manufactured items.
MRP answers basics questions about manufacturing a product.

1. How much will the material cost?
2. How much labor will be required?(including skills and labor rates)
3. What vendors will supply the material?
4. How long does the manufacturing process take?
5. If I need to build X units, what do I need to buy versus what do I have in stock?

In addition, to answering these questions most MRP systems will help manage the purchasing and manufacturing process:

1. Generate and Track Purchase Orders based taking into account inventory.
2. Plan and estimate the manufacturing process.
3. Track Customer Orders.
4. Scheduling of the Manufacturing Process.
5. Keep Track of Manufacturing and Engineering Data.

MRP systems take into account the structure of the product tree, inventory on-hand, supplier lead times, losses, and other factors in order to make sure only the necessary material is ordered. This technique minimizes inventory while making sure all the necessary material is ordered.


Bill of Materials

In VMP, Bills of Materials are entered within a single window. This is all done without leaving and entering different screens. A drawing tree view gives a view of both the assembly and the related downstream assemblies. A Part Form on the right of the window allows details to be entered for each part. Unlike many MRP/ERP programs, Parts do NOT have to be created prior to entering them into an assembly.

Enter Material
The BOM table can be entered manually or imported from a spreadsheet. A dynamic grid allows the user to show, hide, and reorder columns in any desired order. User columns can easily be added or deleted as needed. Part information need only be captured once for any one part. Documents, pictures, and websites may be used to enhance the part record.
Import File Dialog
Rapidly import external information from a spreadsheet or CSV File. An import dialog automatically assigns import columns to database columns. The user can over-ride this feature and select another column if desired.
Capture Labor
To get the whole product picture you need to know more than material costs. you need to understand the labor required to build your product. Create labor resources by name and add descriptions and hourly rates.
Internal Part Numbers/Multiple Sources
BOMbardier easily handles internal part numbers and multiple sources. Every part can have one or more sources of supplies with separate vendor or manufacturer numbers. A ranking number is used to identify preferred and secondary sources.
Error Detection
OMbardier can find errors in your BOM including duplicates, missing data, problems with reference designators, and other problems.


Part Management

The Part Table manages allows parts to be searched and managed independent of the assemblies. The Part record in VMP uses a sourcing table to create a list of manufacturers, vendors, or distributors for an individual part including costs and manufacturer and vendor part numbers. This allows easy second sourcing of materials or vendors for a given part.
Electronic Data Search
Using only a Part #, online databases can complete the Part record automatically. Part information including Part Numbers, Pictures, Costs, Availability, Descriptions, and even Documents can be automatically gathered and entered into your database.
Internal Part Numbers/Multiple Sources
VMP easily handles internal part numbers and multiple sources. Every part can have one or more sources of supplies with separate vendor or manufacturer numbers. A ranking number is used to identify preferred and secondary sources.
Labor in VMP is managed similar to material in the Part table. The part # becomes the type of labor, Electronic Tech 'A', for example. The 'Cost' becomes the hourly rate. This method assures uniform cost rollups of total cost including parts and labor.
Error Detection
The Part table detects Part issues and flag error associated with no sourcing or no costs. Error are also given for duplicate part records.



Unique to most MRP programs, VMP integrates a dynamic scheduler into the build window. Purchase, Work, and Customer orders can be managed directly from a single window. User tasks can be added as required to support and track a build effort.
Generate Orders in One Step
Select the product or sub-assembly and quantity desired and VMP will automatically generate purchase and work orders for each vendor with the correct quantity. A Stock Order also appears that lists the material to be pulled from internal stock.
Utilize Stock
VMP uses available stock first and orders the missing parts to minimize inventory.
Manage from a Schedule
Unqiuely VMP manages factory orders through an active Gannt chart or timeline with color coding showing progress and issues.



Purchase Orders can be generated automatically through the 'Create Build' function or manually. The can be easily updated and managed through either the build schedule or directly from the PO Table. Items can be added or deleted and costs updated and tracked. Due dates can be changed.
Integrated With Schedule
Any change in due date of purchase order associated with a build will automatically be tracked in the Scheduling software. The status of the purchase order is also tracked and shows up as a green progress line in the schedule.
Streamlined Ordering
Copy the part list and quantity into the clipboard with one button and paste it directly into order sites of many vendors including Newark, McMaster, and others for nearly automated ordering.
Print Forms
PO's can be printed to PDF or printer with our printer friendly format. For Pro and Multi-User customers, custom forms can be made.



Forms for suitable for printing can be output through the Print option located in the Purchasing and Customer tables. These forms output a professional looking paginated output. Pro and Multi-User customers can modify and create custom forms that can access different data base fields and adjust font sizes and locations.
Multiple Forms
Forms are available for Invoicing and Order Acknowledgement for the Customer record and a PO form for the purchasing records.
Form Editing
Pro and Multi-User customers can easily modify their forms in edit mode by simply clicking and moving the fields. Additional text and database fields can be added.

PO Form


Choose a the version that fits your needs.

  • Standard
  • Records Unlimited
  • Custom Fields No
  • Custom Forms No
  • Multi User No
  • $ 199

  • Professional
  • Records Unlimited
  • Custom Fields Yes
  • Custom Forms Yes
  • Multi User No
  • $ 399

  • Multi User
  • Records Unlimited
  • Custom Fields Yes
  • Custom Forms Yes
  • Multi User Yes
  • $ 699

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